Recent projects


This collection has been in development for over a year, and at the time of release it's our largest and most detailed work.

We can talk a lot about the concept and sources of inspiration, but we are convinced that we managed to purely show all the ideas through clothes and all the side projects, such as:

 - Show at Moscow Fashion Week (clickable)
 - Experimental soundtrack album
  - Several conceptual photo sessions
  - Large 3D installation

Release date: July 2020

Nosebleed: «Safehouse Diary» 3D Video

Nosebleed: «Dynamic Range» Lookbook

Nosebleed: «Color Range» Lookbook

Safehouse Diary - Environment


«Intruder» Flight Jacket

«Mienai» Reflective Coat

«Slayem» Hoodie

«Armiger» Asymmetrical Sweater

«Database» Knitted Sweater

«Hardware Layout» Hoodie

«Deadman On Tour» Hoodie

«Deadman On Tour» Longsleeve

«Deconstruced Aftertour» ¾ Tee

«Deadman On Tour» Black Tee

«Deadman On Tour» White Tee

«Bewilderment» Tee

«Komei» Military Jacket 2.0